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Camp Fowler Mini Speech (from February 2014)

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Camp Fowler mini speech at Church

Our church holds a spaghetti dinner each March to help raise money to give each child in the congregation a $150.00 scholarship toward a week at Camp Fowler. Maddie attended camp for the first time last year and was asked to speak about her experience before the church service this Sunday to encourage kids to sign up for camp and everyone to help at the dinner. So we sat down and came up with her 3 favorite things about camp. I had to limit her to 3 since she announced that EVERYTHING was her favorite. Here is how things came out: Maddie\’s Camp Fowler Speech  We were so proud of her! She got a bit flustered in the middle there but overall she did really well in front of her largest audience to date!

I was thinking a bit while she was up there because I got a little emotional and teary eyed. Why am I being like this? I finally decided it was a combination of things. She is growing up at a rate that seems to double every day lately. You hear people tell you that sort of thing when your child is a toddler but I think really this is the time, for me at least, that its really hitting home. She is becoming her own unique person and asserting independence more than ever before. Another factor is just the very public performance when we are so enclosed in our world day to day. Its rare for us to have so many people seeing what Maddie is capable of doing and becoming. Its a large weight to take on your child’s schooling in addition to raising her. We can’t say “Oh, that teacher last year was simply awful. We hope this one is better so we can catch up and get back on track.”. At times like this I feel its all 3 of us on the line not just Maddie! So pride and just Momma being a bit silly all added up to an emotional moment for me. Let’s hope I keep it together better at public presentations!!

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  1. Pastor Jan Hoffman says:

    Yay, Maddie and Mom! Wait until she becomes the Preacher and you have to watch her regularly! Won’t you be proud?

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