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Mummies (from January 2014)

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We’ve had snow and ice and arctic cold with some rain mixed in lately. It looked a lot like this on good days although even this day was cold!

So we were very glad that Friday was clear, sunny and not too cold. We were on our way to see the Mummies at the Albany Institute of Art & History. The exhibit was excellent and told the story of the mummies owned by the museum and how they came to be in Albany. The subject related well to our study of the Ancients this year and Maddie’s current favorite book series, The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordian. After we went on a tour through the exhibit we went down to the art room and Maddie got to make a shabuti. This was in The Kane Chronicles and is why her statue has no feet. You will need to read the story to figure that one out. We went back upstairs where Maddie got to sit in a replica of King Tut’s throne. We couldn’t take pictures in the exhibit. They had 2 mummies, a replica of the Rosetta stone, many statues and other items from Ancient Egypt. We would highly recommend going to the exhibit if you are able!


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