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Our Homeschool Day (from February 4, 2014)

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Our Homeschool Day

This afternoon while balancing a baby on one hip and watching Maddie out the window I realized it had been a while since I wrote about our day. In the last week Brian and I agreed that we have finally become used to the new routine and schedule we started this fall. In fact I think this is going to work for some time to come. Well, I hope any way! If I have learned anything in the last 6 years its that I can’t think our schedule or curriculum is set and will be that way for a long time! So here is how our day usually goes…..

Momma is up early, early to get ready for the day care kids arrival between 7:00 and 7:30. Maddie is often not up until they arrive and at times is not up until these little buddies start yelling up the stairs for her to come play! We all have breakfast together. During breakfast we usually do Bedtime Math We do not feel that bedtime is anytime for math so we do it at breakfast instead. The little guys get to listen in to Maddie doing the harder problems but there are ones for them too. Then Maddie heads upstairs with her bin of schoolwork and list from Momma of what needs to be accomplished for the day. If Brian is home they will work on geography and Life of Fred together. If he isn’t home then Maddie just starts in on her list of subjects that I write out for her the night before. During the morning she will do a math lesson on the computer, Writing With Skill  , History (this year we are back to the ancients), Biology for he Logic Stage e  , LatinLogic and typing or copywork to practice handwriting. She doesn’t do every subject every day (Latin and Logic alternate, Art and Music do too) but she does accomplish quite a lot and has impressed me with how well she handles doing things on her own. After all Momma the teacher is downstairs with up to 5 kids ranging from 8 months to 4 years old. Its hard for both of us to concentrate if she has a question! She will often take a break about 10:00 to head outside with the kids, in fact some days she is nearly done at that point! We spend about an hour outside in the yard or going for a walk. When we come back in she will head upstairs to finish her morning work while I whip up lunch for everyone.

After lunch Maddie heads back upstairs to do a math fact timed sheet and to do some reading. Sometimes she gets to choose but often she is working on something I’ve assigned her to read. At the moment she is reading Black Ships Before Troy:The Story of the Illiad by Rosemary Sutcliff which was assigned by me. But also has her own fiction books plus some science ones I chose for her to read. Once that is done she comes back downstairs to have some more outdoor time or if the weather is too nasty (which means the type of weather from books…a night not fit for man nor beast!) then she will settle down to play with anyone who is not napping. Its a wonder to watch her organize them into playing a board game or coloring project. She is an excellent helper with all of the day care kids and that is a large part of her day. Today she was very busy building a fort of some sort!

That is tin foil we used last week for bubble painting!

The sticks we’ve had laying around to use for we didn’t know what! Well, now we know..they were for a flag pole!

I loved this…the stick is almost bigger that she is!

Once the day care kiddos have left us we pick up the house from the day and have a minute or two for quiet (this is mainly for me most days!). Then we go over the day’s work to make corrections and keep Momma on quality control. Sometimes we have things to complete at that time when its just us (plus Daddy some days!). Her history timeline, science experiments, and grammar lessons are all done at that time. Once all that is done we have dinner and start the bedtime routine. We still have read alouds which are chapter books now. Sometimes its a book I think we should read together (Harry Potter), sometimes its a book I want Maddie to read but she doesn’t show interest in reading it on her own (little House series) and sometimes its just a fun book to read together (For Narnia!!!!). Sometimes Brian reads to her as well. Once she is in bed I head off to get her work organized for the next day plus anything that might need doing for the day care.

It can be a long day sometimes but generally Maddie handles it with grace and does an excellent job. I am very impressed at how well she is handling her own work even though it took some time for all of is to get used to! Now we will just enjoy this time before the next big challenge comes along!

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