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Shoooooooooooootttttt!!!! (from March 2014)

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We are so proud of Maddie! She was moved up to level 5/6 in swim class from level 3/4. She did really well today but had a bit of a private lesson with her favorite teacher Patrick to help with her backstroke. Its been a while since she did that and was having some trouble! But everything else went really well and at the end of the lesson they were allowed to jump into the pool 2 times from the block! Maddie was thrilled and did a great job getting to the side after jumping in.

After swimming we went to homeschool night with the Albany Devils hockey team! It was Maddie’s first game to see live and, to be totally honest, she was not that thrilled to be going. I think she was going along for Daddy’s sake but pizza was involved and a hat so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad!

We took some pictures before the game got going…can you see she is really uncertain about this?

Then the game got going. They have lost the last couple games so Brian thought they were due for a win. The fight for a win (and I don’t mean that literally…really no fighting any more!) was on! So she started to get into it. Toward the end of the second period I knew she was hooked because Brian was yelling “Shoot!” and right next to me Maddie was yelling “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”. Yup, a hockey fan is born. She even put up with the mascot being within feet of her without getting hysterical so maybe not only did she decide to like hockey but also that “big headed guys” aren’t going to eat her?

Maddie even took some pictures of the game itself…here is one.

It was a perfect first game. The regular playing time ended in a tie so we went to overtime which also ended in a tie. It was on to a shootout which was won by our team! After the game they open the ice up for a free skate but we couldn’t locate everyone’s skates so we skipped that! However we did stand in line to have 4 of the players sign Maddie’s hat and Brian’s program!

We have had a lot of fun this weekend…almost a mini vacation! Tomorrow its back to the reality of math, science and day care kiddos!

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