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Shooting Sports Day (from January 2014)

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Shooting Sports Day!

Finally!!! Finally Maddie is old enough for 4H Shooting Sports day. Next year she will be old enough to participate in the Shooting Sports program. On our way we saw an owl…we think it was a barred owl but it went by very fast and very high on a tree branch so it was hard to be sure! Brian turned around so we could see it better but the owl had left for better hunting grounds.

When we arrived Maddie was given a list of activities and told to have the adult at each station mark it off. If she completed each activity she would be given a prize at the end of the day. Maddie got right to work! We brought along donations for Operation Shoebox so she buzzed over to that table to make up a box for a soldier. She had a great time choosing items to put into the box. Brian enjoyed that too and ended up doing another 2 or 3 boxes. After the shoebox she made a “lava lamp” with oil, water, food coloring and alka-seltzer tablets! Then it was on to the bow and arrow table. She got a large candy bar prize because she pressed on through the quiz they gave her (3 pages of questions!) even when she didn’t really know the answers. Then the girl showed Maddie the bows and went over the different parts. The entire time we were doing all these things we were watching the taxidermy demonstration. We watched as the man essentially put a deer head back together again over a form. While it was interesting to watch I think all 3 of us were in agreement that it would be better to have the venison than the taxidermy. At one point Maddie was making cookies near the taxidermy station and I told her it was the only time in her life when she could say she made cookies with a deer. Maddie also made lip balm, a stuffed felt owl, a leather bracelet, molasses cookies and a valentine card. We made a trip down the hall to the laser shooting range. That was hard to do! She wanted to go back but there were so many activities we didn’t make it back before the day was done. She did complete all the activities and was rewarded with a 4H backpack and water bottle plus a certificate to put in her achievement book.

It was a great day and a lot of fun. It gave Maddie a little taste of what the shooting sports program is all about. We are looking forward to giving it a true try in the fall especially when we discovered the Schenectady Group meets at the Guan Ho Ha Club….our wedding reception hall!

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