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Spaghetti and other things (from March 2014)

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Spaghetti!! and other things

Its been a long cold week here! Here is a picture of the apple tree covered with ice.

Fortunately we had thoughts of the annual Camp Fowler Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner to keep us warm! Maddie loved her time at camp last summer and can’t wait to go back! The funds from the dinner go to scholarships to help kids pay for camp. Maddie made the dinner cake all on her own this year. As usual she picked strawberry with chocolate frosting.

Together we made the auction cake. A replica of Maddie’s S’more Campfire Cake from her birthday. This one was a bit tipsy! I put all the marshmallow fluff on it per the directions. I should’ve listened to my own instincts! I am sure it was a lovely goey mess for the family who purchased it!

I dropped Maddie at church to help serve the dinner. Brian was already there in the kitchen busy making pasta!

Aren’t they so cute?

Tonight Maddie and I started the activities from A Sense of the Resurrection. We made the flag for our banner earlier today and finished up with the actual activity and Bible passage reading tonight. We had a good time doing it and I am quite sure my deep thinker will be coming up with questions as we work through it. Tonight we read about Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with oil then we decorated a bottle. We put some essential oil in the bottle. We used lemon due to the allergies/asthma issues around here and will probably not leave it up long but the bottle will stay put and be pretty.

Lets hope things warm up this week! We have a field trip planned…outdoors…it would be nice to be warm not cold and wet!

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