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Momma Robin!!!

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We are so excited! We went to check on the robin nest at the library. When we arrived there was Momma (we think!) sitting on the nest! She stayed put so Maddie had the opportunity to take some pictures.




From the other side of the porch! We walked around the outside of the porch. You can’t see her from the front of the porch at all. I think people must wonder why those Christmas decorations are still in the windowbox!

And I have to include this one. Maddie was so excited that she couldn’t wait for the camera to focus on the first try!
There were a few like that which is unusual for Maddie working with our autofocus cameras and her patience. I think she was sure Momma would fly away at any moment!

6/6/14 After reading our copy of Handbook of Nature Study we think this is actually Daddy Robin not Momma!

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