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4H Work and Photo Lessons with Poppa

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Maddie and I were glad when the day dawned beautiful and sunny. We were maybe not so glad at about 2:00 after spending 2 hours in the sun helping kids plant seeds but still, it wasn’t raining like the last time we were at the Kids’ Art Festival, so we weren’t complaining! It was fun to watch the kids plant cucumber or zinnia seeds. It was surprising to us that so many of them were not sure how to plant seeds! They kept looking to Maddie or me for directions, worrying about the dirt and wondering what to do after the seeds were in the pot. I’m glad we were able to give them the experience however and we were sure to stay out of it as much as possible and let the kids do it themselves. Maybe it will spark a new interest for some of them.



Maddie was able to check out some of the tables close by and immediately, before things even got going, she was down the row a bit. They had microscopes and were checking out water bugs. Nature girl couldn’t stand it and buzzed right down as soon as it looked like they were set up for the most part. They showed her how they were pulling bugs from the water and explained that the types of bugs in the water help you know how clean the water actually is. Later on she did some painting and used foam blocks to make a sculpture but the microscopes were a big hit.

We went home and cleaned ourselves up a bit, grabbed some water then headed back out to Poppa Bill and Mamaw Mary’s house. Poppa had invited Maddie up for a lesson with his camera body and one of his big lenses. Maddie was thrilled with it! When she looked at the pictures I took of them she said “Oh!! I look like a professional!”.



And here are some of her pictures!!








Pretty good for a first try!!

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