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Its been a while and a couple of blog changes but finally I have a moment to participate in the yarn along!


I am reading a book called The Romeo and Juliet Code. I had purchased it for Maddie through the Scholastic book club flyer where the description lacked the “first crush” part of the book. Brian and I decided I better read it first! So far I think Maddie will enjoy the story. Its about an 11 year old girl who comes to Maine from London to her father’s family so she is safe. Her parents leave however and I still don’t know where they’ve gone or why. That’s the mystery side of the story. And always at this time of year The Well Trained Mind is not far from me as I plan for homeschool.

I am waiting on the right needles to start knitting this sweater for Maddie. I think its such a cute pattern and the yarn she loved was on sale. What more could a mom ask for?

Maddie wanted to be included this time!

She is reading The House of Hades or, in her words, the most epic book ever! Hmm…I do realize the irony of what I wrote above compared to this book!

She is knitting a pair of fingerless gloves from yarn we dyed with kool aid!

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along!

  1. I have never tried dying yarn using cool-aide. It sounds fun! Is it hard?

    • We have done it several times now including an evening of dying yarn with my 4H kids! It works great. The nice thing is its so acidic that you don’t need to add any vinegar to make it stick to the yarn. Smells so much better!

  2. Oh I really like that sweater pattern. Such a pretty color yarn also.

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