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I’m finally getting to write about our summer plans. Maddie doesn’t have year round school like some homeschoolers because we’ve found we need the long break. We do keep working on some things though and she always needs something to occupy her hands if its raining or just too humid outside.

So we are continuing to work through Life of Fred which is fun math practice. I also got one of the books from a series called Math for the Real World. This one is about the Erie Canal. Later in the summer we hope to visit the Erie Canal Village so that is a fun something too! We are also working on All About Spelling Level 1 to see if we can improve Maddie’s spelling. I read about the program and thought it sounded like just the ticket but we have to work from the bottom up. I am assuming we can get through the first level easily during the summer. It will be an ongoing project just like math! Use it or lose it!

Then thinking about keeping hands occupied and Charlotte Mason’s idea to give a child 3 things every day: something to do, something to think about and something or someone to love I came up with the idea that she could make things for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. We always want to do more than 1 but we don’t seem to remember the project until too late. So I made her a bucket with ideas and materials in it. I will probably add to it as the summer progresses but this is a good start! Maddie loves Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty so his picture was a great choice for the front of the tub.

Maddie is participating in the local library’s summer reading program and will be going to camp as well! We also need to get ready for the Altamont Fair so there will be plenty to occupy her hands and mind this summer!

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