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Joining Small Things today for the yarn along!

Over the weekend we stopped at a library book sale in Westport, CT. Wow! is all I can say about the size and selection. We have library book sales at home but they do not have the quantity or the diversity of selection this one did. If you love reading or are homeschooling like we are I would recommend searching this one or a similar one to help you find what you need. When we went into the tents we were handed a map so we could locate what we were looking for so Maddie and I made a beeline right for the nature section first! Maddie was pleased to find these two books but then we decided I should read the one called Wolves and Honey first.

Most of the books were $1 with some going up to $4 except in the children’s section where all the paperbacks were .50. So even though the stack got pretty high we still made out well with the cost of it all!

At the moment I am reading Notes from a Blue Bike on my kindle. I kept seeing it recommended as a good read but was skeptical of the title. Buzzwords like “intentional living” have a way of putting me off, but it was on sale for $1.99 as a kindle deal one day so I thought I would give it a try. It is really good and I am really enjoying it! It speaks to a lot of what Brian and I are trying to create in our own little house for ourselves and Maddie. I still won’t call it “intentional living” though! I am still working on socks for myself between other projects. The pattern is from Getting Started Knitting Socks which is my favorite book on the subject so far. Last week I zipped off some new washcloths for Maddie to take to camp next week. She likes a bit of Momma and home along.


What are you knitting and reading??

9 thoughts on “Book Sale Yarn Along

  1. I agree with you! Those ” buzz words” make me cringe. Washcloths are so much fun to test new stitches!

  2. I love book sales! You can always seem to find some great books. The socks look great. 🙂

  3. I had similar thoughts when starting Notes from a Blue Bike and there were several things I found frustrating in it but all in all really enjoyable and a lot of good food for thought. (Once you get past the trendiness of “intentional living.”)

  4. book sales are always such fun! Love your socks!!

  5. Wow, a pile indeed, I love a book sale and the socks are also a delight.

  6. I haven’t followed through on that book for the same reason but it’s nice to hear that you still actually are enjoying so maybe one of these days I’ll look for it too! Lovely pile of books and your socks are lovely too!

  7. Wow, you got a lot of books at that book sale. I have rarely been lucky at book sales. I have had some luck at my local thrift shop but I only go there when I have donations and lately all they have are romance novels.

  8. Hello

    What a bargain the books were!
    Lovely sock yarn.
    Wishing you a good weekend.

  9. Your buzz words comment made me laugh. We have a few of those, and they always kind of scare us off a bit. I am not a fan of “relevance” or “impacting” (unless you are talking about teeth), for instance. 🙂

    We homeschool and that book sale sounds heavenly.

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