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I am reading Children of summer:Henri Fabre’s Insects by Margaret Anderson. Its about the father of entomology teaching his own children about insects and his childhood. Maddie read it first and really enjoyed it so I am giving it a try. Homeschooled children of a naturalist, why wouldn’t we like it? Its interesting to read about all the different insects and various experiments they tried together. I am knitting a dishcloth to go in our camping box. I thought we had one but couldn’t find it when we went last time. I am working on one now since we have some camping trips coming up soon! I am using this pattern from Homespun Living and dishie from knitpicks. I have been doing a lot of knitting and reading while Maddie is at camp this week! I have a long list of things to accomplish while she is gone but seem to be lacking the energy to get it done! I finally came to terms with the fact that perhaps Momma needs to recharge her batteries and maybe now is a good time to do it. So my list may not be getting done but I am feeling rested and ready to start school back up again in just a short time which is just as important.

What are you knitting and reading?

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