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We picked Maddie up on Saturday morning! She was cheerful, happy and had a wonderful time. We saw Aunt Deb, her cabin counselor, before we saw Maddie. She made sure we were Maddie’s parents then said “Maddie was just wonderful! She is so sweet and is kind to everyone.”. Music to our ears! And we appreciate Aunt Deb’s care of Maddie over the week more than we can say! As much as Maddie loved camp last year this year went over the top because she enjoyed her cabin mates and Aunt Deb.

After getting things settled in the car, making one final trip to the store and just saying a good-bye to a favorite spot or two we took Maddie down to our favorite state campground at Sacandaga for the night. It was a surprise for Maddie! We had a fun day just enjoying time outside and coming together again as a family. We tested out some new cooking equipment from Mamaw Louise! A popcorn popper and a pie iron! This was a lot of fun but we were in bed early as we were all tired!


Just a little tired and silly!

The walkie talkies were fun too although (to be honest!) Brian and I used them more than Maddie! I don’t think she was quite ready for any sort of civilization yet!

We made pizza in the pie iron using white bread (Udi’s gluten free for Bri!), my homemade pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni. There are a lot of things we can make in here but that one was everywhere! It seemed like a good first thing to try. It came out GREAT!



We know Maddie had an excellent week and weekend because she came home with only wet shoes! The hiking boots were dry until she took a wrong step down by the river at the campsite. At least only her foot got wet that time!

Now Maddie is looking forward to the fair for the summer and winter camp this winter!!!

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