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One of my Christmas presents from Brian was a gift certificate to Etsy! I ended up ordering a new knitting bag from Drawstrings and some Jane Austen stitch markers from Knit Girl in Idaho. I love both items although I haven’t had a chance to use the stitch markers yet!

Currently I am working on a prayer scarf for Maddie to take to winter camp next month. I really love the whole concept of the scarf. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in the blue jay colorway. This yarn is hand dyed in Uruguay and the woman who dyes it writes her name and village on the tag! I was able to look up the village on a map. Pretty neat! I also finished a simpler prayer scarf for a high school senior in our church. We are hoping to have more activity in our prayer shawl group. I thought a scarf might less intimidating than the shawl but wanted to try it myself first. It came out nicely I think!


Maddie, my mom and I stopped in to visit the store front for Darn Good Yarn in Schenectady on Friday. So many good things to see and touch and put on the wish list! I did get some silk roving yarn but am not too sure yet what I will make with it. Maybe a hat? Maybe a scarf? I need to finish up a couple of other things first! Isn’t the bag lovely? They gave us that with our purchase.


I am still reading Outlander by Diane Gabaldon. Its as good as I remember it being and I am enjoying it! I am also coming through history books to make a unit study on the Civil War for Maddie. We realized on our trip to Grant’s Cottage last fall that Maddie doesn’t know quite as much as she should about that time period. So its time to work on that!

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along!

3 thoughts on “Prayer Scarves

  1. I love the idea of prayer scarves! And how cool is that yarn? You can see exactly where it was done.

  2. Loved seeing the bag on your blog! I hope you’re enjoying it!

    • I do love the bag! Its so pretty and well made too! Thank you!! My husband was funny. I gave him a small list of things I liked and most were on Etsy. He told me he just couldn’t decide then saw the gift certificate option and thought that was the best solution ever!

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