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I just sent in our second quarter report to the school district. I really must say I hate writing those things! They sneak up on me even though I set the dates for the reports. The good part is that it makes Brian and I pause and take stock of where we are in the school year and where we wanted to go! We are always very ambitious in August then the reality of toddlers racing about sort of sets in and we end up scaling things back a bit.

Maddie has transitioned into sixth grade work very well. She is coming along with math, always a difficult subject! Brian is working with her on Life of Fred decimals and we are doing some extra work on word problems. I have also been giving her my change from the grocery store to count. If she counts it correctly she gets to keep it, if not then it stays with Momma. So far she has been getting it right! Its been the best way to practice counting up coins that we’ve come up with so far. Writing with Skill is moving along easier this year as well. Maddie has started viewing the writing assignments as challenges to tackle. We just finished reading some poetry and both of us agree that we love to discuss the meaning of the poem itself but please do not ask us about meter or how many “feet” a line has. Its not our thing at all!! We finished astronomy and started working on Earth Science. Maddie and Brian did a fun experiment with a slinky and a jump rope last week to learn about different types of earthquake waves. History, as always, rolls along with no problems at all. It is, after all, a story of the world and who we all are and Maddie is a girl who loves a good story. We will be doing a unit on the Civil War over the next semester. Maddie loves Spanish quite a bit more than Latin but is doing well with both languages. Logic is another favorite subject. During the election this fall she kept pointing out “red herrings” when politicians came to the front door! Its hard to believe we are half way through the year! Today I sat down to write plans for the week and check some work from Friday. I found this note and have to wonder why on earth I would give this up to someone else.


In other news Maddie had a lot of fun at a friend’s birthday sleepover. They did a “paint and sip” and made butterfly paintings.


She also made a fort to read in on one of the icy days here and I loved looking over and seeing her toes peek out!


This weekend was a full one! On Saturday we traveled up to Saratoga National Historic Park for the Frost Faire. We saw a cannon demonstration, Maddie did a colonial craft and we took a walk/hike which ended up being more of an exercise in staying upright on the ice!

IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0394

musket demonstration

IMG_0395 IMG_0396

sledding next to the musket demonstration!


The fields were beautiful! The chickadees and tufted titmouse were everywhere! They moved too fast for photos though.

IMG_0398 IMG_0399

Maddie’s photos

Something fun happened this time while Maddie was taking pictures of the cannon demonstration. A young woman also taking photos with a similar camera accidentally stepped in front of Maddie to get a shot. She heard Maddie’s camera click and was instantly apologetic, making sure that she didn’t get in the way of the shot. Maddie assured her it was fine but I could see the glow that came from an adult recognizing for once that Maddie was working too! That was wonderful. Maddie said “Usually adults look at me like “what are you doing with that camera kid?” so it was nice!”. Our thanks to whomever that was!!




smoke after the cannon was fired!










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