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I am currently reading Knitting Yarns:Writers on Knitting complied by Ann Hood. My favorite part so far has come from the essay by Barbara Kingsolver called “Where to Begin”. Here it is: “It begins on the morning you see your children’s bare feet swinging under the table while they eat their cereal cold and you shudder from stem to stern like a dog hauling up from the lake, but you can’t throw off the clammy pall of those little pink-palmy feet. You will swaddle your children in wool, in spite of themselves.” I even read that part aloud to Maddie who grinned right along with me! We could both hear our conversations starting in October “Maddie Grace would you please go put on your socks (mittens, hat, long pants….fill in the blank!) you are making me freezing! It is also totally appropriate to the projects I’m sharing today since both are for Maddie. Socks from my favorite pattern and a sweater that I finally managed to start!


I also thought I would share one of Maddie’s photos. She took this over my shoulder while I was working on the latest prayer shawl for church. Her Sunday School Teacher asked if she would help her take photos of crosses and hearts in places you wouldn’t expect them to be for a Lenten project. Maddie is enjoying the search! Can you see the cross?


Joining Small Things today for the Yarn Along!



Yarn Along

I should’ve taken a picture up at the cabin of my knitting! I did quite a bit since it was just too cold to be outside. We were enjoying ourselves so much though that I just didn’t think of it. Here is what I was reading and knitting while we were there.


I am making socks for Maddie. The yarn is from Knitpicks. Its Stroll Fingering in Blue Yonder. The pattern is my all time favorite from Anne Budd’s book Getting Started Knitting Socks. The book I am reading is called Knitting Yarns:writers on knitting complied by Ann Hood. I saw it at the bookstore and thought it looked interesting then found it at the library later on and remembered wanting to read it! Its quite good and a lot of fun to read other’s thoughts about knitting.

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along today.

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Winter Camp for Everyone!

Maddie has been waiting (not patiently I might add!) for at least 2 years to be old enough for winter camp. Finally this year she was able to attend!! We dropped her off on Sunday night at Camp Fowler with snowshoes, snowpants, 3 pairs of mittens and 2 hats. She couldn’t say good-bye fast enough so she could get to the fun! And fun she had. Lots of games, snowshoeing, playing around the camp and on the lake a bit. After much back and forth debate she took her first little camera which doesn’t take the best pictures. She did get a couple though!!

IMAG0047 IMAG0054

playing with a snake…better her than me!                         snuggling up with Baldwin

After Brian and I left her we continued on to The Shamrock Motel and Cottages in Long Lake for our own winter camp! They asked if we would stay in a cottage rather than the efficiency unit because they wanted it to have some heat and water running(irony of that is we came home to frozen pipes in our downstairs bathroom!). We agreed to that plan at the same price we were going to pay to begin with! It was a lovely little cottage, warm and snug which was a good thing considering the temperature! We got up on Monday morning to a chilly -10 degrees without the wind chill.


Thoughts of snowshoeing were put off until the afternoon!! Here is the view around our cabin.

IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0422

We went into town to check out Hoss’ Country Corner and had lunch at the diner. This week is “Winter Fest” for the area. There were several ice sculptures around the town. I am not sure if it was specifically for Winter Fest or just for winter in general they were fun though!


In front of our hotel, of course!

This one is a bear with a fish in his mouth. It didn’t translate too well to the photo!

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425

View from the town beach.

IMG_0426  IMG_0427IMG_0428

After lunch we headed back to our cottage and got on our snowshoes. Brrrr….we didn’t stay out too long but had fun tramping down the hill and about the edge of the lake a bit!

IMG_0429    IMG_0430OurIMG_0431

Our cabin from the beach

IMG_0432      IMG_0433

That’s our first and maybe last “selfie”!

We checked out at 10 on Tuesday and headed south to pick up Maddie. We didn’t need to be there until 12:00 so, not wanting to be early and getting a lecture from Maddie, we made a stop at the Adirondack Museum. They were open for the Frost Fest. We poked around the building that houses the carriages and sleighs.

IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0437

The snow roller made me smile. Thank goodness for modern snowplows!

After about an hour there we felt we could safely head for camp. I loved all the snoweshoes everywhere when we pulled in. Kids were definitely in residence!


We took a picture of Maddie’s room and a couple of all the kids together. Then we had lunch and headed for home!

IMG_0439  IMG_0441 IMG_0442

Despite the frozen pipes surprise waiting for us at home we had a great time! Maddie insists she needs to go back now but I think she will have to wait.

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Getting Ready!

Maddie is so excited to be able to attend winter camp at Camp Fowler this year. She will be there for 2 nights and about 1 1/2 days. It doesn’t seem like much but it will be a wonderful break for her! The kids were told to bring snowshoes if they have them. Our family present this year was snowshoes! We went out on Saturday to try them out and didn’t do so well! Brian and Maddie’s snowshoes kept falling off their feet. Maddie has been practicing this week during the day to make sure she can get them on and off without a problem and keep them on! We’ve had quite a bit of success. Perhaps we were just too pressed for time and too tired coming off of a bout with the flu and ear infections for Brian and Jennifer. Any way she has been having a ton of fun on her snowshoes in the backyard making paths for the kids to follow. The littlest ones are grateful! I am not sure they would be able to walk in the amount of snow we have if she didn’t do that!

IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0412 IMG_0413


For Uncle Kent

Its been a crazy week at our house. First Brian came down with the flu which got passed on to me. Fortunately Maddie has not had it but Brian and I both have ear infections caused by the flu. Lovely! I didn’t do much of anything but sleep the first day and half but after that Maddie and I started running through all the Jane Austen movies to be found on Netflix and Amazon Prime! In between I did manage some reading of Dragonfly in Amber which I am enjoying for the second time.I traded off with listening to The Count of Monte Cristo too! I also managed to finish knitting the pink mittens I was making for myself. Now they need to be felted which I plan on working on over the weekend.


On Friday we received word that the house of our favorite “Uncle” Kent burned to the ground. Uncle Kent is the director of Camp Fowler, the summer camp Maddie attends, and a member of our church congregation. Sadly the family dog, Jonah, who is also a big part of Camp Fowler as well, died in the fire. Maddie was very upset and I knew we needed to do something more than just give to the fund to help her deal with it. I hit upon the idea to put together a kitchen basket of items they can use now and when the house is rebuilt. Why a kitchen basket? We can all participate as a family! Maddie is making potholders with her loom, I am making dishcloths and Brian can pick out some basic utensils at the store(being a chef that is very much his area!). I ended up needing to order more loops for Maddie’s loom and got a package on Amazon which arrived yesterday. She already has one done and waiting for me to take off the loom! I finished one dishcloth and moved on to number 2. Maddie and I thought we would listen to some of Uncle Kent’s stories while we work this afternoon. The dishcloth pattern is the ballband dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.


Hopefully the basket will be useful for Kent and Jill. Hopefully we all start feeling better soon! What are you working on?

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along.