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Its been a crazy week at our house. First Brian came down with the flu which got passed on to me. Fortunately Maddie has not had it but Brian and I both have ear infections caused by the flu. Lovely! I didn’t do much of anything but sleep the first day and half but after that Maddie and I started running through all the Jane Austen movies to be found on Netflix and Amazon Prime! In between I did manage some reading of Dragonfly in Amber which I am enjoying for the second time.I traded off with listening to The Count of Monte Cristo too! I also managed to finish knitting the pink mittens I was making for myself. Now they need to be felted which I plan on working on over the weekend.


On Friday we received word that the house of our favorite “Uncle” Kent burned to the ground. Uncle Kent is the director of Camp Fowler, the summer camp Maddie attends, and a member of our church congregation. Sadly the family dog, Jonah, who is also a big part of Camp Fowler as well, died in the fire. Maddie was very upset and I knew we needed to do something more than just give to the fund to help her deal with it. I hit upon the idea to put together a kitchen basket of items they can use now and when the house is rebuilt. Why a kitchen basket? We can all participate as a family! Maddie is making potholders with her loom, I am making dishcloths and Brian can pick out some basic utensils at the store(being a chef that is very much his area!). I ended up needing to order more loops for Maddie’s loom and got a package on Amazon which arrived yesterday. She already has one done and waiting for me to take off the loom! I finished one dishcloth and moved on to number 2. Maddie and I thought we would listen to some of Uncle Kent’s stories while we work this afternoon. The dishcloth pattern is the ballband dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.


Hopefully the basket will be useful for Kent and Jill. Hopefully we all start feeling better soon! What are you working on?

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along.

4 thoughts on “For Uncle Kent

  1. What a wonderful idea to do a kitchen basket! There seem to have been several fires in our area recently, and I think this is such a great way to give back, I might have to follow suit! I also love to find all the Jane Austen movies on Netflix and Amazon prime 🙂

  2. We have been sick too, such a drag. So sorry about the fire but what a great idea you had. It’s a wonderful way for all of you to help. A positive happy step for everyone. Good plan.

  3. Oh what a tragedy. It is such a great idea to do a kitchen basket to bless the family. I love making the ballband dishcloths, it’s one of my favorite patterns!

  4. So many fun projects you have going on at your house. Watching Jane Austen movies is a great way to pass away the time while you are recovering. Such a sad story about the fire. Fires always scared me as a child. What a good idea you had for Maddie to help.

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