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I am currently reading Knitting Yarns:Writers on Knitting complied by Ann Hood. My favorite part so far has come from the essay by Barbara Kingsolver called “Where to Begin”. Here it is: “It begins on the morning you see your children’s bare feet swinging under the table while they eat their cereal cold and you shudder from stem to stern like a dog hauling up from the lake, but you can’t throw off the clammy pall of those little pink-palmy feet. You will swaddle your children in wool, in spite of themselves.” I even read that part aloud to Maddie who grinned right along with me! We could both hear our conversations starting in October “Maddie Grace would you please go put on your socks (mittens, hat, long pants….fill in the blank!) you are making me freezing! It is also totally appropriate to the projects I’m sharing today since both are for Maddie. Socks from my favorite pattern and a sweater that I finally managed to start!


I also thought I would share one of Maddie’s photos. She took this over my shoulder while I was working on the latest prayer shawl for church. Her Sunday School Teacher asked if she would help her take photos of crosses and hearts in places you wouldn’t expect them to be for a Lenten project. Maddie is enjoying the search! Can you see the cross?


Joining Small Things today for the Yarn Along!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Yes! Warm socks are the best:)

  2. There’s nothing so cozy as warm toes on a cold floor!

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