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Here are our projects this week! I am about 1/2 way with the second sock for Maddie. She is anxiously waiting for it! I am hoping at this point that I can complete it and have them in her Easter basket. My other project once Maddie is in bed is a little hooded coat for Matilda Bunny that I made for Easter last year. Maddie and I love this little sweater because Matilda’s ears will stick through the hood. Who could resist, right?

Maddie and I are reading A Midsummer’s Night Dream as her first Shakespeare play. We read it in Charles and Mary Lamb’s book first and are now reading it in the Shakespeare Made Easy version. I am also reading through How to Teach your Children Shakespeare. Since he starts with A Midsummer’s Night Dream that was the one we did first too!

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along!

  1. Love Midsummer Night’s dream,maybe a theatre production will come your way too. The rabbit’s jacket looks lovely, especially the ears sticking through.

  2. I love that bunny pattern! Someday I hope to make one. Alicia’s work is so wonderful. The blue should be so darling!

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