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Easter and the rest of the week!

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We have had a busy week! The kids have been off from public school which meant that I had a whole different crew of kids for day care. Some stayed home with teacher parents and others came for the week whose parents were working. It made for a busy week following a nice 3 day weekend for Maddie and me!

The day before Good Friday we made yummy hot cross buns with the day care kids and tried to make a Seder platter to go with our dinner. I messed up the platter a bit but we still discussed the elements on it and the Seder meal itself. The historians in us like to put things into perspective so talking about the last meal Jesus had with his disciples makes sense! Next year I promise to remember some meat on the bone!

IMG_0578 IMG_0579

On Good Friday we walked in the cross walk around our little village. The churches all come together on that day to tell the Easter story a little bit at a time in the different sanctuaries around the village. Maddie loves to help carry the cross at some point and to see the other churches. She wore her new coat from Poppa Bill! The coat was part of his Navy uniform and has been around the world. She loves it and has worn it often since receiving it.


IMG_0580 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 The man in the orange shirt came over to Maddie later in the walk to ask about her coat. He had also been in the Navy and was proud to tell us he still fits into his uniform! This impressed me more than Maddie I have to admit. He was pleased that Maddie was wearing her grandpa’s coat and that she expressed pride in his service.

Saturday was spent doing our usual chores and dying eggs. I suspect this is the last year of the egg hiding fun! In fact Maddie sort of went along with her crazy parents this year. We had fun at any rate and Maddie enjoyed her basket in the morning. Somehow we managed to miss getting a picture of Maddie on the front porch so I am sorry to say you will miss her Easter finery. She looked so pretty and grown up! We were the greeters at church which is always fun then came home to make dinner. This was my first shot at deviled eggs! Brian and Maddie declared them delicious then proved it by eating them all!

IMG_0584 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0604 IMG_0600 IMG_0605 IMG_0608

The rest of the week has been spent doing schoolwork and taking care of day care kiddos! One of Maddie’s favorite things from the  week was a Shakespeare Finger Puppet theater.


Tonight Brian took over dinner and I had a few minutes out on the porch in this beautiful weather! The sparrows were not too pleased by my presence though! I took my camera out in hopes of getting a picture of them all lined up on the railing telling me exactly what they thought of my knitting out there but they didn’t come back!

IMG_0615 IMG_0618

Here is hoping for more knitting on the porch this week!!

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