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I picked up my shawl to start working on again. I got frustrated with it a while back but decided to pull it out, go slowly and do it when it is quiet. I’ve made some progress thank goodness and frustration hasn’t come into play…..yet! I am reading The Fiery Cross on my kindle which is part of the Outlander series. I’ve read them all once but have gone back to re-read them closer together which is helping my recall quite a bit! In preparation for 4H Forestry Camp we are reading The Woods Scientist.

Joining Ginny at Small Things for the yarn along. What are you knitting and reading?


7 thoughts on “Knitting and Reading

  1. i hope the shawl knitting cont to go well. the book for 4H sounds interesting.

  2. Love that deep color of your shawl! So pretty!!

  3. Your shawl looks gorgeous – love the colour.

  4. Thank you so much! I love the color too. This is my first try at this type of project with fingering weight yarn so fingers crossed. I think the key has been to slow down and do it when things are quiet. A rare commodity around here!

  5. What a pretty color for your shawl!

  6. Beautiful color! I should have put mine aside before I had to start over.

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