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Yarning Along at Forestry Camp



We spent the last weekend at 4H Forestry camp (more about that here). I brought along yarn to try making a hexipuff for the Beekeeper’s Quilt Pattern. I thought it would be a good way to use up my leftover sock yarn and it would be great fun to have a blanket made up of all my leftover yarn! The knitting was quite easy. I haven’t completed it yet because I need some fiberfill and to locate the right size crochet hook! The library called the day we left to say they had What the Robin Knows for me. Some of the moms in a book club for kids nature books were recommending it. I didn’t get very far along yet but what I’ve read has been interesting! I mostly sat to knit and read in the early morning before most parents and kids were up. I also did some during the day when I needed to give Maddie some space to make friends or work on her test.

The tag on the tree had answers to how big and how much volume the tree had so the kids could practice with Biltmore sticks.

IMG_0782We came home on Mother’s Day. Maddie and Brian had sent pictures to Knit Girl in Idaho which she then made into stitch markers for me! One is Maddie’s photo that I took and the other is from our trip to the Christman Sanctuary. I love them and put them right onto my shawl that I showed last week.

IMG_0793Joining Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn Along.


4 thoughts on “Yarning Along at Forestry Camp

  1. Knitting in nature – one of my favorite things. I love those stitch markers!

  2. What stunning stitch markers, such a great idea and wonderful gift.

  3. Those stitch markers are so neat. great photos also.

  4. Those are super fun stitch markers! That book has been on my wish list for ages – unfortunately we only have a very small english language section at our local library here and they can’t order books in so I’m going to have to buy it – sounds like it’s worth it.

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