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See that grin? It never came off her face, the entire 2 hours of the first 4H Archery meeting. Maddie loved every minute, soaked it all in, never hit the target but didn’t care at all. She did improve with each turn to shoot and made it very close to the target and once or twice over the target. Normally she is very hard on herself when she can’t get something on her first try so I was impressed with the lack of angst over this! Perhaps, just maybe, our talks about not being perfect, just being the best you can be are starting to sink in or maybe she was just having too good a time for it to matter! Either way Brian and I will happily take it.

We started out with a discussion of safety rules for parents and the kids. Then it moved into finding your dominant eye, learning the commands that would be given by the instructors and trying on arm guards. Maddie thought her dominant eye was her right eye but had a really hard time shooting from that stance. So the instructor had her switch sides and use her left eye and everything started falling into place. The kid is a lefty through and through.

After that the kids moved over to the shooting range. It is wonderful that a local business, Brown’s Archery and The Mabee Farm Historic Site both donated materials and a place for the kids to meet. A special thank you was set up by Bonnie, our 4H coordinator. We will visit Brown’s to get the supplies Maddie will need. Maybe somewhere down the road a bow of her own but not yet!

archery 1 archery 2 archery 3

The kids lined up by the cones which also served as quivers. The instructors give instructions about picking up the bow, taking a stance and when to shoot. Everyone must wait for all the bows to be put back down then the instructor gives the signal to go to the retrieval line. Once more the kids wait to be told its OK to go get the arrows, they meet back at the retrieval line, count to make sure everyone is there and then put the arrows back in the quiver. Safety is definitely coming first. The instructors were great in making sure the kids listened but also kept their interest and were really encouraging them.

Maddie can’t wait for the week to fly by so she can go back and do some more!



A Nest for Celeste

IMG_1119This spring I found out that all 3 of my “graduates” from day care were coming back for the summer! We are so excited. All 3 of them have spring birthdays so I thought we would have an un-birthday party for them the first day they are all here together. I decided I would give each one a cup cozy with a toy pocket. I will have to make the pocket a bit bigger than the pattern directions give however! I was hoping to put a lego minfigure into the pockets like Maddie’s but the summer minifigures are all based on the Simpsons. So I had to find other things which will not be so small…. The pattern is called Fairy Cup Cozy.

Since Maddie and I finished Harry Potter we are reading A Nest for Celeste. We saw it at the library and when we read that Audubon’s assistant was part of the story we decided we had to read it. The illustrations are beautiful. We are not too sure yet how the author feels about Audubon though, its show a decidedly negative side to what he was doing. I am hoping that we can figure this out before we get to the end!

I am listening to Christy. I have not read this story in quite a long time and am really enjoying it! Kellie Martin is reading the story which is nice because she played Christy in the miniseries. Maddie has slid in to listen to parts along with me which has been fun too. I am still reading the Outlander series although I am nearing the end finally! This is my second time reading them! When I read the latest one I realized I had forgotten quite a bit so decided to go back to the beginning and read them one after the other.

What are you knitting and reading? I’ve seen some other people mention knitting podcasts. Can anyone recommend a good one? Joining Ginny at Small Things.

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And we finished…..

We finished the last Harry Potter book this week-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So that meant we watched the movie tonight! Well, part 1 any way. We will watch part 2 on Friday. So we had the same dinner we ate for the first movie. Sausage and peppers and fries or as we like to think of it, an Americanized bangers and mash.

IMG_1096 IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1100

Lego Harry was enjoying the movie and checked out dinner too!

Since tomorrow is Father’s Day we got Brian an English beer to enjoy along with dinner and dessert was ice cream pops. Chocolate to keep the Dementors at bay, Peanut Butter for Father’s Day.


And now Maddie and I will have to search for a new series to read! Maddie enjoyed this one so much as I knew she would! Currently we picked up A Nest for Celeste and are really enjoying it. The format is very interesting. It is a chapter book but there are lovely illustrations as well. It will be fun to find something new to read.

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Sixth Grade Wrap Up!

IMG_0828 IMG_0829 IMG_0830May 15 was the last day of Sixth Grade for Maddie and yes, she did “totally rock it” as her sign says! We finished all our curriculum by that date and wrapped up some bits and pieces. Brian and I are exceptionally proud of the job she did this year. Maddie completed all her work on her own each day with little supervision and while I had the flu in February she continued to work without prompting, pestering or supervising from Brian or me!

Maddie completed level 6 of Teaching Textbooks for math. This is her main math program and is completed on the computer which gives her immediate feedback on each problem. She finished the year with 87% average on all her quizzes. She also worked through Life of Fred Fractions. This series of books follow Fred, a 5 year old college professor. Yes, they are very silly but they really do pay off. Maddie’s score on the fractions section of her PASS test (standardized test for homeschoolers) came back as high average. She also pulled all the other areas up to average. So Fred, Daddy and Momma are all working to get Maddie really comfortable with math!

We also completed Analytical Grammar year 1. This was not easy. It included sentence diagramming and other concepts we had only brushed on in earlier years. Maddie finished Writing with Skill Level 2 by completing a 1250 word essay on Walt Disney, the topic of her choice. We also finished most of GUM drops for Grade 6. This is more grammar and spelling practice! We zipped through levels 1-3 of All About Spelling. Maddie was having such a hard time with spelling that we went right back to the beginning! We will be working on levels 4-6 in the coming year because we have seen great improvement!

We read some Shakespeare and The Canterbury Tales this year. Maddie enjoyed both of them.

In history we were in the Medieval times and so talked a lot about kings, queens and the church. Maddie read sections in a history encyclopedia and made notes in her history book. She also wrote a weekly essay on the topic being covered that week. Maddie worked on learning more about the Civil War. She knows her Revolutionary American History really well and its time to move on a bit!

Astronomy and Earth Science were the topics for Science. We really enjoyed some of the weekly topics and experiments. Maddie did quite well here as well and continues to apply her learning when we are “out in the field” (meaning the woods, camping, national parks and forestry camp!).

Maddie has done really well with guitar and enjoys her time with Miss.Lisa each week. She is learning chords and finger picking, both are challenging!

So I think that’s it! We’ve taken time off for vacation and are planning some fun things this summer. We will be starting 7th grade the third week of July and trying out a year round schedule to see how we like that!