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We almost had a large crisis on our hands. Maddie complained yesterday morning that her throat was hurting. I took a look and it was only pink and swollen. However in the afternoon she complained again and it looked much worse so we headed off to urgent care. It turned out she had strep throat! Camp drop off was the following day at 2:30. The physician’s assistant at urgent care told us to give her a double dose of medicine last night and that she would be OK to go to camp. So that’s what we did. Fortunately she was feeling a bit better this morning, her throat was looking better too and by the time she hit the mountain air it worked like an elixir and she was all set to go! Then her friend Norah met up with us at camp and she found out she was in the Eagle cabin and the grin was permanently fixed to her face and any soreness forgotten! Phew…thank goodness!! We know she will have so much fun this week!!

While waiting in line we watched a baby robin try to decide if he was going to take his first flight or not. I think he finally decided not due to the number of people below! He (she?) kept creeping into the corner further and further!

IMG_1171 IMG_1175 IMG_1177


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