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knitting1My projects from last night!

While Maddie is at camp I am getting ready fro 7th grade. Last night I counted the articles relating to our history time period for the year in the National Geographic Almanac of World History, and also checked out The Industrial Revolution for Kids and Voices from Primary Sources. I’m re-reading Deconstructing Penguins slowly and deliberately taking notes this time around! The Well Trained Mind is always at hand while I plan too.

I decided that my last ripping out of the Moody sweater was the last one and changed gears to Sedona. I think that Moody was just too much for me at the moment! Maybe another time when things are quieter all around in life and I have time to think. Sedona is going much smoother and I am enjoying it more which is, after all, the point to a hobby! Maddie loves the colors and will be excited to see the progress I’ve made. My mom gave Maddie quite a bit of costume jewelry pins and we think one of those will look great as the closure rather than buttons and a chain.

Joining Small Things for the Yarn Along today!


5 thoughts on “Schooltime Knitting

  1. It’s funny how some patterns click with us and others don’t, I have a few of those myself.
    Sedona is quite pretty and I’m glad you are enjoying it.

  2. I have been getting ready for our new school year as well! My oldest just turned 7 and we are going to be doing early American History. I’m really excited about it 🙂 I’m glad you found a pattern you can work with. It isn’t fun to not be in a good knitting groove.

  3. I love that yarn. So glad you found the right pattern for it.

  4. I used the Well-Trained Mind too. It is wonderful. I mix it up with Waldorf Essentials which adds a more organic flow to everything. I have yet to knit a sweater – always impressed by those who do!

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