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New Place! (again)

Unfortunately the old blog just seemed to stop working for me! The photos wouldn’t upload and it was difficult to see all that I need to on the old format. So here we are at the start of a new year in a new home. When deciding what to do I realized that maybe this was a good thing. I no longer feel quite so rushed so the title “So Much To Do, So Little Time” just didn’t fit maybe and we’ve left behind the “grammar stage” of Maddie’s schooling and moved on to more independent thought and lots of questioning as part of the “logic stage”. Now we are “On the Trail” in more ways than one…we might literally be “on the trail” as part of Maddie’s quest to become a naturalist and park ranger or we might be “on the trail” of a new discovery in history or maybe “on the trail” which turns out to be a long steep slope bushwacking uphill through math facts and spelling but knowing we will indeed get to the top, out of the bushes and see the beautiful view. So off we go on a new adventure! If you are interested in where we came from and how we got here you can look back at the previous blog at http://toomuchlittletim.blogspot.com/.